Optimized Press Release Case Study

This is a shortened version of an article we published earlier. In this short version we focus on the effect of a series of optimized press releases on the number of “quality” long term incoming links to a web site.

Starting June 2005 we produced a series of five optimized Press Releases for a client that were released from August 2005 through June 2006. Most of these press releases announced new products or major new features.

We use a number of indicators to look at the linking position of a web site, both the number of incoming links and the “quality” of those links. These indicators help us compare the linking position of a web site to its competition in general and for specific important keyword phrases.

One of the indicators we use is the number of links from other sites
reported by the Alexa Data Service. The Alexa Data Service, owned by Amazon.com, provides a different view of link popularity than other sources, because it is based on the number of sites linking in, as opposed to the total number of links. This, plus the fact that alexa uses the Google Database, we believe, it is an indicator of some of the links to a site that Google and other search engines may consider important “quality”links to the site too.

Increase in Incoming Links
During the project the number of other sites that link to the web site as reported by Alexa almost quadrupled as can be seen from the following chart.

Other sites that link to the web site reported by Alexa
(from Alexa.com)

Month Links from Other Sites
July 2005 58
July 2006 208

Rankings Improvements (Search Positions)
Since August 2005 there has been significant improvement in the positions being reached in search results by pages on the site. When we started this project very few pages from the site were reaching the first 3 pages of search results for most of the company’s important search terms. About the only pages reaching top results were for searches that included the company name or its brand names – Read why it’s vital to reach the first 3 pages of Search Results

During the project we also optimized 5 pages for some specific search terms and as expected the rankings for those phases improved. However at the end of the project search positions (rankings) for most search terms from many pages we had not optimized had also improved in the search rankings.

Search Traffic has Increased
Traffic from search engines has increased.

Unfortunately the company’s web server was not collecting log files before we started so there is no data from before July 2005.

Visitors referred by search engines

  Visitors from Search Engines
July 2005 11,289
May 2006 16,187
Increase in Visitors 4,898
Percentage Increase 43%

There has been a 40 to 45% increase in visitors from search engines. This increase resulted from some site wide changes that were made as a result of a site audit, the 5 pages we optimized, and, we believe, the overall improvement in linking position during the project.

Targeted Traffic from Optimized Press Releases
The site has received and continues to receive considerable traffic directly from the optimized press releases we submitted.

Just as important, many industry and news web sites have added the company’s product information to their web sites (In Product Showcases for example) because of the press releases which continues to bring targeted traffic to their web site.

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