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I did some work with a firm who does multi variable regression analysis of web page components.What this means is that they use a sophisticated mathematical model to compare a wide variety of “treatments” or aspects of a web page.They use this to test at one time for example: several headers, logos, text options, buttons whatever.

The advantage they offer is that their model allows them to test these options quicker and with far fewer page views. The downside is that you still need a lot of traffic to have an effective test, likely more then you have. It is expensive also.

I distilled their recent findings down to the following list. I realize that some are very vague however we can deduce the relative importance of the “issue” even though we aren’t getting specific examples. I can show you the successful components after the test, but I doubt I can get what it looked like “before”.
I believe these findings are good and they concur with what I see out there. We can surely help you implement them if you wish.

If you do this on your own, please get some metrics before you make any changes.

Key Findings from the Success Stories results.

* Stating how quickly the form takes to fill out (e.g., 2 minutes) increased response
* There were notable differences in behavior between UK and US audiences
* Adding a Money Back Guarantee to the order area increased conversions
* Animated buttons improved response
* Changing the appearance of the Search button increased the number of visitors who added items to their shopping cart
* Changes to the offer presentation had impacts on conversion rates
* It is important to increase the prominence of rational decision factors
* It is important to clarify user expectations
* Changes to peripheral elements did not yield significant results
* Something as simple as a change of color can make a big difference
* Relying on intuition could lose you money
* Simplifying the conversion funnel by combining the first step form with the landing page increased conversions
* Changing the main photo on the page
* Altering the wording on the submit button
* Changes to the graphics and text can significantly increase response
* Adding “please” to the email field instructions
* Changing “assurance” text to a VeriSign logo

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