Recent posts on Trademark law

Earlier in the month we posted links to two articles about copyright law as it pertains to search marketing.

Here’s a two part article from Search Engine Watch about the related area of trademark law.

Trademark Law – What Search Marketers Should Know, Part 1

Topics include –

  • What’s a Trademark (and Trademark Law)?
  • Trademark Usage (and Infringement) in Search Results
  • Search Engines’ Policy on Trademarks and the Law
  • Search Engines’ Policy on Trademark Usage
  • Complexities of Trademark Infringement Detection
  • Trademark Links including links to search engine policies

Trademark Law – What Search Marketers Should Know, Part 2

Topics include –

  • Trademark filing for search marketers
  • First step to protecting your trademark – use the search engines:  including tools you can use to look for trademark online.
  • Reporting trademark infringement concerns to the search engines
  • Deciding you want to pursue litigation