Setting up an SEO Shop Overnight! Or How to Hire an SEO, By Jill Whalen

Jill Whalen posted an article on her blog that points out a real problem for those trying to find search engine optimization services.

The SEO market grew rapidly over the last 3-4 years. SEO shops continue to setup overnight while at the same time companies such as web development and marketing firms are adding SEO services to their offerings. 

Unfortunately, many of these “SEO consultants” have very little experience, “Ok Joe, you can be the SEO”.  As Jill points out, many of these SEO consultants that setup shop overnight are trying to learn SEO from the free information available, much of which is wrong. We’ve seen project outlines presented to prospective clients that are based primarily on old techniques that are ineffective and in some cases spam.

Companies looking for SEO services, Jill says, should check how long an SEO consultant or agency has been in business and make sure they have a successful track record with satisfied clients to whom you can talk.

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