All About Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Merchant Credit Card Accounts, Sales Tax Collection

Here are some helpful articles that have been posted on Web Marketing Today over the past month or so about ecommerce sites – Shopping carts, merchant credit card accounts and sales tax collection in the US.

All About Shopping Carts, Part 1. Introduction. Including:

Types of Shopping Carts with example of some leaders in each category

Hosted or Licenses Cart Software

All About Shopping Carts, Part 2. Basic Functions. Including:

Product and Option Selection Function

Shipping calculations

Tax calculations

How to Shop for a Merchant Credit Card Account  Which allows you to accept credit cards online or accept orders through alternate payment systems like PayPal.

Sales Tax Collection Directions in the United States – Discuses the Streamlined Sales Tax Project being championed by most states to require larger retailers to collect sales tax regardless of where the customer is located.

All about shopping carts – Payment Gateways.  Web Marketing Today added a Part 3 in their ecommerce series about payment gateways including –

What Is a Payment Gateway?

What Does a Payment Processor Do?

Popular Payment Gateways