The Value Of Brand Keywords: Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization

In the article on Search Engine Land “Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization: The Value of Brand Keywords”Lori Weiman offers up tips on the use of branded and brand-plus keywords to improve your ROA in an increasingly competitive market.

PPC = Pay Per Click


Brand & Brand-Plus Keywords

To begin, Lori explains what “brand” and “brand-plus” keywords are. Brand keywords are exactly what they sound like: it’s the keyword used to search for a company name. Ours would be eVisionSEM, but Lori points out that we should watch out for typos too, such as folks searching on “evisionseo”. Weiman goes on to explain,

A brand-plus keyword, meanwhile, refers to a keyword phrase that includes the brand term plus a qualifying phrase. An example would be “Adidas running shoe.” There are many variations, such as:

• Brand + product name (“Adidas Flux”)
• Brand + review (“Adidas Ultra Boost review”)
• Brand + coupon (“Adidas coupon”)
• Brand + sale (“Adidas sale” or “Adidas discount”)
• Brand long tail (“Adidas men’s Springblade running shoe size 13”)
• Brand + website (“www Adidas” or “Adidas website”)

The Value Of Brand And Brand-Plus Keywords

There are a number of ways that brand and brand-plus keywords can improve the value of your PPC campaign. A few of those are:

• More clicks on paid ads
• The concept of amplification (We often see this: a PPC ad is responsible for increasing the traffic on the organic link as well)
• Improved conversion rates
• Better quality scores

As Lori states, these results make sense. Branded terms generate a much larger amount of clicks than non-branded terms, and those customers searching on your branded terms “are more likely to be familiar with the brand and have an existing level of trust with your company. In other words, they are likely farther down the buying funnel”. Google reports as well that paid clicks from branded searches had double the conversion rate of paid clicks from non-branded searches.

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Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization: The Value Of Brand Keywords

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