Top 3 Google Rankings Get 35% to 58% of Clicks

In an article by Rob Young on Search Engine Watch he dissects a new study that examines the value of each of the top 10 organic positions on Google.

However there are significant differences reported by position in this study compared to other similar studies. One of the other studies was conducted within the past year and one was reported in 2007.

But what’s clear by looking at the three of the studies is the advantage of reaching the top 2 or 3 organic rankings on Google. The top 3 spots get between 35% and 58% of the clicks across the three studies.

Rob looks closely at what could account for the differences in the numbers reported in the studies and finds a number of possibilities. It’s an interesting read if you want to hear about how widely these types of studies can vary and some of the reasons behind the differences.

But the bottom line is affirmation of SEO 101: Get to the first page, and get as close to the top as possible!

Read Rob Young on Search Engine Watch