Using a PPC campaign to test phrases and landing pages for organic results

There’s a post on the Search Engine Watch blog from Craig Paddock that does a pretty good job explaining how we can use a Pay Per Click (PPC or Search Engine Advertising) campaign for testing.

Using PPC we can test to see which keywords pay off much faster than we can by trying to increase organic rankings. It takes much more effort and time to improve organic rankings. We believe it’s always a good idea to test phrases in a PPC campaign first even if the PPC campaign doesn’t pay off on its own. We often use PPC campaigns as a testing platform.

We can test keyword phrases as well as landing pages in a PCC campaign for whatever the important metrics are for you – sales, leads, signups, downloads, time on site (Note – measuring time on site requires analytics beyond the tracking tools provided by the PPC systems), etc.

Once we determine the keywords that work for you we’ll know it will likely pay off to optimize the site to improve organic search results for these phrases. We can also move the elements of the best landing pages into the public site.

This post also talks about the question we are so often asked, “Do PPC listing affect Organic Rankings?”  Craig goes on to talk about the effect on Link Popularity and the effect of a PPC campaign on the click through rate of your organic listings… Read this post

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