Yahoo & MSN search alliance update

An update on the Yahoo and MSN search alliance (the merger of these two search engines) schedule over the coming months.

Yahoo and MSN are currently testing the merger of the search engines. Testing will continue over the summer. If all goes well here’s the schedule –

August/September – Complete merger of Algorithm search (organic search).

September/October – Complete merger of Paid Search (Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft/Bing AdCenter) platform.  (We will be working to ensure a smooth merger of the Yahoo and Bing paid listing platforms for our clients running either or both Yahoo or MSN PPC accounts).

Note – They plan to have the mergers complete prior to the holiday season, but if there problems that would delay this they say they will defer the schedule (Thank you!)

According to ComScore the market share of both Yahoo and MSN both increased a bit recently at the expense of Google, so once this merger is complete the combined search properties should have about a 30% search market share.

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