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Beware Of SEO Con Artists, Including The Traffic Source Rewrite Trick


An article that outlines some very insidious tricks performed by SEO con artists. Some of these tricks are very difficult to detect including one that I’ve seen done to companies I’ve worked with where the SEO rewrites traffic from one source to appear as though it came from another source in order to make their SEO results appear better.

Google “Over-Optimization” Penalty Rolling Out Now?


In March Google announced they were working on a search ranking penalty for sites that are “over-optimized” or “overly SEO’ed.” It may be rolling out now. What’s being penalized? What should you do?

9 More Content Development Ideas For Increased Visibility


In my latest article in a series of articles on content development at Search Engine Land I cover 9 more ideas to add content to your web site and other web venues to help improve organic visibility and help increase conversions in some cases. Much of this content can also be hosted or promoted on other web venues such as the social sites with which you participate.

In this article, I’ve included some user generated content ideas as well as some ideas most useful for ecommerce sites.

How To Get Employees Excited About Participating on LinkedIn and Sharing Company Updates


Read how this company go their employees excited about participating on LinkedIn to help the company share updates and company news. Maybe you can employ what they did or something similar?

Having employees share company updates with their connections on LinkedIn can get your update in front of thousands of people who may in turn share it, bookmark it, Like it, link to it, etc.

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