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How To Use LinkedIn To Improve Organic Visibility


In this article I cover steps you can take that should help improve the visibility of your LinkedIn content with search engines as well as within the LinkedIn community and increase the exposure of your LinkedIn updates while possibly helping to increase rankings of the web content you point to in LinkedIn updates

No More Google Directory


After years of declining use Google pulled the plug on the Google Directory. The Google Directory was based on the Open Directory Project (OPD), a volunteer, human edited directory of the web that has been used as the underlying database for numerous web directories for years. Unfortunately OPD has struggled in recent years to keep up with the increased number of updates and submissions.

How To Increase Organic Keyword Conversions. Part 2


In this Part 2 article on Search Engine Land I’ll outline some relatively simple ways to improve conversions once people enter your web site from any traffic source including organic search traffic

J.C. Penny Caught Red Handed by Google Doing Link Spam: Led Astray By their SEO?


You wouldn’t think a major brand like JC Penny would allow itself to be lead astray by an SEO company, but it looks like that’s just what happened as reported by the NY Times. Links were placed on thousands of web sites using deceptive anchor text in an attempt to get JC Penny’s web pages to rank higher. And it worked very well as J.C. Penny had top rankings for hundreds of keywords during the holidays. However they are now penalized by Google. J.C. Penny just fired their SEO company.

How to Optimize Your Online Ecommerce Store, with Rob Snell


Now that the holidays are over it’s time to start thinking about how to improve your ecommerce site. Here’s a video interview (with a text companion piece) on Web Marketing Today with Rob Snell, whose family business has run an online store for years. Rob explains three steps a niche ecommerce merchant can take to compete with large internet retailers

Link Building Basics: What is Link Popularity?


Debra Mastaler posted an article on Search Engine Land about Link Building Basics.

She explains what Link Popularity is (covering Link quantity, Link quality, Anchor Text and Relevance) and why Link Building and referral site development is such an important activity for improving organic search rankings, building targeted traffic and building brand awareness.

SEO Is Bound to Fail If… (by Jill Whalen)


An article from Jill Whalen on how to ensure your SEO project will fail! Including…

…If you don’t keep your SEO abreast of website changes.

…If you think your SEO can work independently and not need (a lot of) your help.

…If you know enough SEO to be dangerous.

Using Adwords Auto-tagging? Searchers may see “Page Not Found” errors instead of your landing pages!


You must test the actual ads or landing pages. Do not rely on the Ad Preview tool!

In this article we’ll demonstrate a problem that can be caused by Google’s Adwords Auto-tagging, which is turned on by default when you create an AdWords account. Auto-tagging can cause some landing pages to load incorrectly, often resulting a “Page Not Found” error, – Wasting many dollars in Adwords Click charges and missed business opportunities. We demonstrate the issue in a 4 minute video, show you how to test for problems, and suggest what to do if you have problems.

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